(The One & Only Hi-Tech School)

An English Medium Co-Educational Sec. School, Affiliated to CBSE (Code No. 530987)

Academic Partners

 Dhruv Public School has collaborated with the best minds in the field of education to ensure optimum delivery of the required inputs for the complete development of your child. Some of them are:

  • XSEED (IDiscovery): XSEED is a path breaking and comprehensive solutions for quality teaching and learning in school designed around the 5-step Experiential Learning Method.
  • Extramarks: CBSE syllabus from Ist to XIIth is available in Audio-Video form as students learn more by seeing.
  • Next Education Pvt Ltd: They help the child to build a Robot and understanding Robotics Science. it creates interest in learning and creative programming by building logical and Analytical thingking. 
  • AVAS (Abacus & Vedic Artihmetic Study: ABACUS promotes whole- Brain Development. This will increase Memory power, sharpens the mental processes of a child and create a better base for numbers & Learning Mathematical formulae. VEDIC MATH develops tremendous speed and Accuracy and save 80% calculation time.