(The One & Only Hi-Tech School)

An English Medium Co-Educational Sec. School, Affiliated to CBSE (Code No. 530987)


Computer Lab

School has a vast computer lab including Internet Facilities Students work on their system independently. Lab has a networked environment with an internet facility. The use of the latest P IV systems with multimedia kits are available for teaching subjects such as Science, SSt, Maths, English, Hindi, etc.

The Computer labs have facilities like, LCD, OHP, wide screen TV attachments and cordless make to facilitate effective teaching.

The school has also tied up with leading educational software providers. The students are taught with the help of specially designed software capsules, related to different topics of each subject in the class room. The multimedia capsules enhance the understanding and retention of the students as well as provide quick revisions of the topics.

Science Labs (Physics, Chemistry & Bio Lab)

lab is carefully designed and well equipped with modern gadgets and Hi-Tech facilities. It caters to the needs of the children as per the revised syllabus. A complete power back-up has been provided.

A separate balance room has been provided to the students to work in all accuracy.

It is flooded with a new series of specimens and charts along with the necessary equipments. It is technically well devised for an upgraded and updated learning.

It is the cluster of models that are based on various scientific principles to make the students understand the scientific concepts easily and provides them hands-on experience.

Working model of Cotrel Precipitator helps the students to understand how pollution can be controlled.

Models on friction help the students comprehend how different surfaces offer different amount of friction and how they affect the grip.

Devices like wind vane, anemometer and rain gauge help to ascertain the weather conditions on a particular day.

Concepts like conservation of momentum, reflection of sound, multiple reflection of light rays and wave motion have been simplified with the help of simple yet highly useful models.

The Science Park integrates Science with other subjects too. For instance, hydroelectric power projects and time zones are relevant to science as well as geography. Life size model of DNA helps students to understand its three dimensional structure.

Working models like that of lever help a student understand their utility and importance in daily life.

Maths Lab

The Maths Lab aims to achieve appreciation of mathematics by providing students with improved conceptualization. It helps in developing the habit of verifications in the student. It enables the teacher to demonstrate, explain and reinforce abstract mathematical ideas by using concrete objects, models, charts, graphs, pictures, posters, etc. to verify that the given sequence is an arithmetic progression by paper cutting and pasting method.