(The One & Only Hi-Tech School)

An English Medium Co-Educational Sec. School, Affiliated to CBSE (Code No. 530987)

Pedagogy - Primary

Dhruv Public School nurtures children in such a way that they enjoy academics, care about others and can increasingly take responsibility for their own and actions. Thus, Dhruv Public School lays foundation not only for all academic skills which are required for students to be truly successful, but plant the seeds of values that will hold the students in good stead throughout their lives. Therefore, school becomes the fertile ground for cultivating students who are learned, independent, strong, courageous and compassionate. Life skills training, health, physical activities, work education, adventure activities etc are important part of the formal curriculum. School follows CBSE curriculum. Each class is taught by a team of trained, qualified teachers who are subject specialists. School also has a trained team of resources for teaching co-scholastic areas and co-curricular activities such as Visual and Performing Arts, Health and Physical Education, Work Education and Information Technology. School curriculum beautifully integrates scholastic areas with co- co-scholastic areas so that learning within the class and outside remains engaging, relevant and challenging. At the primary level, Dhruv Public School employs an innovative technique of teaching mathematics. Considering the importance of mathematics and how it is a formative skill for life,

Dhruv Public School uses a special program 'Math-e-Magic', developed by Intellisis. 'Math-e-magic' is based on a work-book concept, which merges the use of book and notebook in one. The mechanical approach to mathematics is taken out of the picture and instead, a visual approach to numbers is maintained right through the program. 'Math-e-magic' is designed for grades 1 to 5. In Grade I, There is no formal Examination. However, the teacher conducts oral and written assessments as a part of continuous assessment methodology during the course of the session; and the reports of the students is based on these. It is a development process of student which emphasizes on two fold objectives. These objectives are continuity in evaluation and assessment of broad based learning and behavioural outcomes.