(The One & Only Hi-Tech School)

An English Medium Co-Educational Sec. School, Affiliated to CBSE (Code No. 530987)

Principal's Message

I, in capacity of the principal, proud to associate to a school, which has a proactive approach to education and its philosophy is based on the motto ' Knowledge is supreme’. Keeping this in mind, nine glorious year of accomplishment, expectation desire, dreams, fame & above all to develop Dhruvian culture. In the past decades we witness a fast progress in the field of technology & education. We can’t deny the role of e- technology like computer & Internet have virtually revolutionized the knowledge & information. In the new era of technology, the best school must provide the child a kind of tools, so that he will cope-up the deluge of electronic development to go forward with new era of e- education. So, its the result of our constant endeavor to develop the true purpose of education by embedding the technology with education in which our students learn and develop. Here I am proud to say that the school management has come forward to provide Educomp smart class (first in region) secondly we are the only school who provide educational tablets with e- books to students. Apart from academic, school has understood that fitness is not just a physical condition but a critical,element in the academic & social development of children. For that the school has tied with leap starts which provides age appropriate sports & physical activity to our students by their fully trained trainer. Beside this modern approach, school has always emphasis on traditional value of life i.e. self discipline, self dependency, respect for elders, hard work and honesty, to our students. There is so much more but all I can say is that “winner don’t do different things, they do things differently”.

With regards.


(Mrs. Ritu Bansal)