(The One & Only Hi-Tech School)

An English Medium Co-Educational Sec. School, Affiliated to CBSE (Code No. 530987)

School Transport

  1. The transport service is not mandatory but only an extra facility provided by the school.
  2. The school provides transport facility on specified routes only.
  3. Transport fee is charged for 11 months.
  4. Bus fees once paid will not be refunded.
  5. Travelling without paying Bus-Fees in school buses will be treated as an offence & disciplinary action will be taken against the student for the same.
  6. Any indecent or undesirable behaviour in the school buses may result in discontinuity of school transport facility.
  7. In case of any problem or inconvenience, parents are requested to report to the transport officer (M : 98963 38456) rather than including in unnecessary argument with the bus staff.
  8. Transport facility has to be appiled for at the beginning of the session/at the time of admission in the running session. Any request for transport facility any time during the running session will not be entertained.
  9. Routes of the school buses are drawn up carefully after giving the due consideration to the convenience of the parents. the decision of the school authorities about routing, timing, pick-up point etc. will be final.
  10. All the students availing transport facility should reach the designated bus stoppage at least five minutes before the scheduled time.
  11. Students are not allowed to eat in the school bus.
  12. Any change in residential address should be informed to the school in the application format given in the Student Daybook.
  13. Students are expected to maintain proper discipline in the bus. They should remain seated in the moving bus and be careful not to put their head or hands outside the window.
  14. Students should be careful not to board or get down from the moving bus.